The OG Wool Graphic, 'Literal Wool'

Posted by justin keskin on

I've been wanting to go back and show the history of the graphics of this brand. The only way to start that is with the original. 2017's "Literal Wool." It's on the nose but I felt this was the strongest for the debut graphic.

There were only 20 of these made but I saw them pop up every once and again. I talked about this on my Boho Hobo podcast. In 2020 I was skating in Ithaca and I swore I saw the graphic from the corner of my eye. Did a double take and the graphic was there and was pristine. 

I went over and introduced myself, I think she said her name was Autumn. I asked her a few questions about it after explaining that I had made the graphic for my brand. She said that she simply picked the graphic off the wall at Black Mamba. That made my day and then some.

Hope you enjoyed the little anecdote. More to come!